3.2 Zenith Chain Solution

Zenith Chain is bringing innovative solutions to P2P exchanges. A unique way we can do this is to link people who do interwoven business practices. Vendors will be connected to clients who desire their products. We will also have retailer platforms and shopping apps to connect with enthusiasts and reinvigorate the P2P program. Another innovative solution we are coming with is ensuring that Zenith Chain Smart contracts always remain composable. Zenith Chain is an ever-evolving blockchain technology company, and we will do more to always innovate and stay ahead of the competition and ensure that the Coin will be compatible with existing decentralized exchanges. This platform will offer a unique kind of digital currency that functions as the first viable alternative for financial transactions ever created.

The Coin will be able to carry information without being limited by borders or regulations, while also being able to execute smart contracts which would otherwise be impossible due to their complicated structure. This technology has unlimited potential not just in terms of finance, but also for auxiliary industries such as healthcare, government services, data transfer, etc.

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