2.2 Products Overview

Zenith Chain - The Hybrid Smart Chain for Extensive Use

The future of digital asset exchange. Users can transact directly and safely with confidence. It is built with precision to transform your crypto experience.

Zenith Coin - ZENITH Digital Cryptocurrency

Our coin provides low fees and fast transactions. We aim at bringing ease to your digital money experience with low fees and fast transactions, which confirms faster than the swipe of your credit card.

Zenith CEX - A Cryptocurrency Centralized Exchange

Our platform facilitates the trading of crypto currency for other assets, including digital and fiat currencies. With Z-Exchange, you can buy, sell, and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zenith and others. It's simple. Link your Zenith pay account and make cross border payments in any currency.

Zenith Pay - A Digital CryptoBank

Zenith Pay handles payments originating from cryptocurrencies for value storage and ease of cross-border settlements. You can instantly receive bank account numbers in EUR, USD, GBP & more. Get paid as easily as having a local bank account. Convert to Crypto on the app or use your Visa card anywhere in the world.

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